We’re HAPPILY MARRIED!!!! God bless you all and let’s build a bigger family together!

About us

Our Foot____________________________________________

Bride: Patricia Hor Yen Ma

Birthday: September 24, 1981

Career: Behavioral Interventionist (teaching kids with autism) + Piano Teacher

Hobbies: Cooking, music, dog-walking

Motto: Smile always!

Groom: Horace Yat Hong Chan

Birthday: August 6, 1976

Career: Computer Engineer

Hobbies: Internet, movies, ski

Motto: Serious about frivolous; frivolous about serious.


How we met and crossed our life paths:

We both were members of the Chinese Catholic student club of UBC in 2001. Thanks to Horace’s cousins (Wah Wah and Yan Yan) and Patricia’s golden retriever (believe it or not!) that we met in the summer BBQ for the first time – in Buntzen Lake, Burnaby. Horace was never a church-goer at that time, but his cousins invited him to attend this social event! Patricia was interested in bringing her Charlie to enjoy the nature and swim along the water ways along the lake coast.

The pick-up line was: “Hey Patricia, your dog is cute and does he eat chicken wings from the BBQ?”

We started dating on Oct 2001. Horace finally asked Patricia out on the night of meteor rain on November 16 in UBC. We went through a lot of joyful and challenging times together – after 6 years, we have decided to get engaged and hope to start a new page in life together as a married couple!

Give thanks to God for the blessings that we share with our family, relatives, and friends!!

What a memorable day to share with all of you…

The wedding day memories are still freshly on our minds!!!
We are still overwhelmed by the summer blessings from all of you…

If you have time, please come to visit our personal blogs:

horace @ www.horace.org
patricia @ www.trishama.blogspot.com

Wishing you all the most heart-warming season! =)

With all our love, patricia and horace.