We’re HAPPILY MARRIED!!!! God bless you all and let’s build a bigger family together!

About Bridal Party

introduced by horace…

1. Frank Chan  Father (Toronto, Canada)

Pat said my character is very similar to my dad, although I don’t really think so. I think I am more unique than my dad. My dad used to be a civil servant in HK and how he is retired to Toronto. He go to swim and excerise Tai-Chi everyday. My dad taught me all 108 moves of Tai-Chi but I already forgot most of it. He worked as a translator in the government and fluent in both English and Chinese. Too bad that I didn’t inherit his language talent, so I had to ask my dad to prove read my master thesis.

2. Flora So  Mother (Toronto, Canada)

My mom is a very religious buddist. Believe it or not, she have more mp3 than me! She has almost 500GB of buddism lecture taped in mp3, where I only have 400GB of chinese pop songs. My mom was a school teacher but quit the job after moving to Canada. Maybe she used to yell at the students, I got yelled at alot when I was small. My favourate dishes of my mom is dumpling. Whenever she visit Vancouver, she will prepare over thosand frozen dumplings in my frige which could last a few month. I can have the dumpling for breakfast every day and I am never get bored of it.

3. Nathan Lam  Ring bearer

Little Nathan is 4 years old!  Very outgoing and funny.  He loves Pokemon and Diego.  He goes to music classes in the summer making some new friends – he is excited to meet with little Rose (our flowergirl) very, very soon!

4. Vincent Lee  First Best man (Edmonton, Canada)

Among all the friends I know, I know Vincent for the longest time. We went to the Methodist primary school together. We have many things in common. Both of us didn’t study in Methodist secondary school, we worked hard and entered better secondary schools. We both moved to Canada and studied engineering. Except that he is living in Alberta and I am living in Vancouver. When I was small, I always looked up to Vincent who always ranked top 3 in the class. Nowadays I still look up to Vincent (literally), he is over 6 feet tall!

5. Chris Ong  Second Best Man

Me and Chris joined PMC-Sierra the same year. We used to hang out to have fun with the CBC group like going to Big White, Whistler, Sailing, BBQ beach party, etc. Now almost everyone in the group has left the company except me and Chris. We used to work in the same team but now he transfered to a different department. It is unfair that Chris get to travel to Japan while I have to go to India. Chris is really into car racing and he is a racing instructor in local driving school.

6. Lenny Chan (San Francisco, US)

When me and Pat first learn the word metrosexual, at once we have the image of Lenny in our mind. I know Lenny since F.1. We both lived in Mei Foo and we ride the school bus together everyday. Over the years, it is proven that Lenny’s value system is the exact opposite of mine. It is really fun talking to him since we always get into heated debates on all topics not matter how trivial it is. Although we think totally different, we are good friend and always cheer for each other. Lenny is now working as a pharmacist in the Bay Area.

7. Wilson So (San Jose, US)

I am always proud of Wilson. He is one of the few Ph.D friends I know of. Wilson also belongs to my group computer geek friends form Lasalle. One of our most favorite the activity during lunch hour back in the school days was hop on a mini-van to go window shopping in Golden. When I have my co-op work term in San Jose, he was studying his degree in Berkeley, so we hang out together quite often. Wilson is now working as a researcher in Silicon Valley.

8. Ming Wai Cheung (Hong Kong, China)

Mingwai is my good friend from Lasalle. We like playing computer a lot back in secondary school. He used to sit behind me in the classroom. When I felt asleep in RS classes, Brother Mark like to throw the duster at me. Once a while he would missed and hit him. Just like me, Mingwai is also a computer geek and he is working in computer related jobs. He is engaged and getting marry next year.

9. Wallace Tan (London, UK)

I almost went to study in England with Wallace. We took the entrance exam of Malvern college together, but I end up going to Canada instead. Unlike me who don’t know how to sing, Wallace is very talented in singing. He comes from a medical family, his dad is a doctor, his mom is a nurse, both himself and his brother are doctors. Wallace used to sit behind me in Lasalle too. I don’t like bring eraser to school, so when I need to use one, I just grab it from the desk behind me. The question is did I use to “steal” the eraser from Wallace or Mingwai?

10. Yat-Loong To (Toronto, Canada)

With Yat-Loong being one of my groomsmen, I don’t have to worry about someone causing trouble on the wedding day. He can bounce off any trouble makers without having even a drop of sweat. Yat-Loong is a Chinese kun-fu master that no one can beat him in the whole engineering faculty. Both of us lived in Mississauga and we hang out a lot in university days. He worked in the States for a few years and now he moved back to Toronto.

11. Leon Lai (Toronto, Canada)

No, this Leon Lai is not the singer Leon Lai. He is my lab partner in university. I met him in summer school and we became good friend since then. I must say we are the dream team working in the engineering lab in university. He is probably the only person in class can match my speed in programming code, doing calculation or writing exam. Just like Yat-Loong, he also lived in Mississauga, worked in the States and moved back to Toronto.


introduced by patricia…

1. Patrick Ma  Father (Dong Guan, China)
My dad is a very special dad! He is currently semi-retired, living and traveling between Vancouver and Dong Guan. In fact, I have found many common things between my dad and my fiance – well, they belong to the LaSallian Old Boys (yes! believe it or not)… they both go to gun-shooting (yes! my dad won competitions in HK back in the very old days)… they also fall asleep together in masses at the church (well, my dad has diabetes and so he is exempted from the blame)… He loves traveling, dining (especially spicey foods), and many other crazy stuff that I’ve inherited from him ^^ I admire him for his strength, wisdom, and persistence – which makes me a very boyish character at times to fight back and retreat. He is going to walk me down the aisle and lighting the unity candle for me… He is truly a dual parent!!

2. Rose Leung  Flowergirl

maycrowning-0006.jpg I’m very happy to be Pat-Yi (= Auntie Pat in Chinese) for little Rose. She is 2 and a half years old! Believe it or not, she knows how to sign ASL and she is currently my teacher in this area. Her mommy, CC, is my friend from Maryknoll Convent and UBC. Little Rose loves to help mommy cleaning up home and keeping little brother busy. She also loves to play ball with Uncle Horace!

3. Tammy Liao  First Maid-of-Honor (Hong Kong, China)

She is my twin sister! Why? Because we were born in the same date, same month, and same year – and yes, same city in Hong Kong! We met at Moscrop Secondary in gr. 8 and have studied many subjects together – ie. Science, ESL, English leadership, Mandarin, Calculus… (you name it) She has always been teaching a very important lesson in life: play hard and study hard! She is a great buddy who leads my heart to little kids for studies… She also loves to travel, shop, and do hot yoga! Her whole family has been a great support for me too. I miss her very much because she is currently pursuing her dreams in Hong Kong for good!

4. Brenda Hui  Second Maid-of-Honor

Brenda also shares the same birthday with me! Birthday buddy. She is a great sister who cares and loves from her heart more than anything. We went to UBC psych grad ball, I-house dance, and clubbing together! We also played piano together for UBC Tin Ching. She loves to shop, travel, and dine-out! Her organizing skills is amazing! She is now planning for a trip for all of us in Portland before the big stress hits.

5. Helen Chiu  Daytime Wedding Coordinator

She is my sister in Christ whom we have shared many fun and stress-sweating times during the good, old times in UBC Tin Ching (Chinese Catholic Society). After undergrad, we went to World Youth Day Cologne and returned with a renewed heart to help out in Ga Sei 2006 (Western Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp). She knows how crazy I am when I laugh like ‘Scream’, and comforts me when I get frustrated. Her grace has shown in her little ways treating her friends… She is truly an amazing gem!

6. Agnes Wong  Overall + Evening Wedding Coordinator

We took French class together and how could I ever forget our Estrom experience? She loves anything that is beautiful. Truly a romantic believer! I adore her for who she is and keeps me motivated to look for what I desire in living life to the fullest. Her passion is in wedding planning! She is always a big sister to me who has kept me in her heart and thoughts, especially as I went through difficult times studying by myself in Canada.

7. Janet Ha  Church Ceremony Coordinator

Ha Jeh? Miss Catso? Yes, Janet has many identities amongst our church friends! She is talented, loving, and caring. I truly thank God for having her a guardian angel who knows when and what to say the right words to comfort. Her favorite cartoon character is Mickey and Minnie!! She loves little kids too. She is teaching gospel to little children and training up helpers in the youth ministry on Sundays. I think that she currently has a couple of sponsored children overseas…

8. Agnes Yeung  Artistic Director

What can I do without her? She is the helper behind my beautiful makeup and wedding invitations. She advises me with her artistic eye and keeps me posted with new things and sales. Her love for scrapbooking is inspiring! I like how she simplifies and makes gifts for her friends – I keep praying for her who always tend to get sick like me. She also keeps a chincilla at home and is called ‘Mimi’!

9. Yvonne Lee

Believe it or not – we share a special bonding! We have known each other from Maggie and Stuart’s wedding and later she came to Ga Sei (Western Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp). She was looking for a sponsor to be baptised and confirmed as a Catholic – and I happened to be there for her and gave her some spiritual support! She is going to get married in Nov of this year too! Afterall, 2008 is a good year.

10. Christina Wan (Hong Kong, China)

I’m very honored to have Christina to fly all the way from Hong Kong to help me walking down the aisle. We met each other in Tin Ching (UBC CATSO) and her family has always been very helpful and gracious! As a non-Catholic, she has helped me to organize numerous charity works ie. caroling, gift-making. We used to go to Maryknoll too. She has shown me that how a non-church goer is also very enthusiatic in helping others! I’m sure that she will be a very good doc in the future…


Wedding Ceremony Celebrant: Fr. Mark Hoo, OP
Fr. Mark is the assistant parish pastor of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church. He was born in Malaysia. He speaks fluent English, French, and Malay (he understands a little Chinese too!). He studied criminology at SFU and aspired to become a RCMP. However, God has guided him to enter the seminary in the fellowship at St. Mary’s after his university studies. He has taken his vow as a Dominican priest and is gladly to spend the rest of his life building up the faith formation and spiritual lives of young people, especially the youth ministry and the young adult community at St. Mary’s.

Thank you, Fr. Mark, for celebrating our ceremony of matrimony on August 16, in the midst of your busy traveling summer schedule!!


Masters of Ceremony

Church – Susanna Leung
Banquet – Mandy Chan & Anson Fung


Church and Banquet – Agnes Yeung & Walter Pak