We’re HAPPILY MARRIED!!!! God bless you all and let’s build a bigger family together!

Making Memories – Photos!! **UPDATED**

Wedding Day Photos **NEW**

by Jonathan, Creative Bridal Photography
What a day to get married!!!  It was steaming-ly hot afternoon filled with honorable cheering guests =)  Both of us felt very warm in our hearts with your presence and blessings!  It was a long day for us – but luckily everything went well and smoothly so that we could dive into bed and practically drop dead after getting home!! =D  It’s the best day and we wholeheartedly want to wish you all a happy time in whenever way you go – may Love be your guide!

Engagement & Pre-wedding photos

by Jonathan, Creative Bridal Photography
We have taken some outdoor engagement photos in the springtime. We went to train station for party wear and cherry blossom vicinity for casual wear. It is a romantic day!

by Wonderful Arts Wedding Studio, Hong Kong
We have taken some indoor shoots during the recent visit in Hong Kong to our family, friends, and relatives. As a bride-to-be, I can wear 4 different dresses: 1 floral wedding gown, 1 big bow wedding gown, 1 orange party dress, and 1 Chinese dress. As a groom-to-be, Horace can wear both white and black tuxedos. We are still dreaming from the lovely photos!

Casual Photos

Proposalby Horace, Patricia, and friends
We were engaged in a hot air balloon in June 2008! Love in the air!! Please feel free to see our silly photos via facebook for our preparation of the Aug-16th wedding.

Honeymoon 1
We were bus-hopping in Rome!  What a romantic city to wear our gowns again here!!

Honeymoon 2
On the cruise, we sailed to Sicily and Athens!!  We also had our newly-wed party!!!

Honeymoon 3
We then moved on sailing to Kusadasi and Ikalion!  What a great pilgrimage and learning experience on the ancient history for us!!!  Totally eye-opening!!!